Breakout Performances

About Breakout Performances

Our Philosophy

Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way

Breakout Performances fosters an environment for personal, high-caliber artistic training. Our goal is to give our students the virtuosity, technique, and ethic to further their artistic dreams and creativity.

We believe that good teachers promote better students. At Breakout Performances, our teachers either have years of professional experience or are BFA accredited and post grad accredited in Voice, Dance, Acting & Theatre.

At Breakout Performances, we believe that students perform better when they have a genuine joy in what they do. Our students are in no way required to partake in any disciplines they have no interest in – our students and their parents’ make that determination. Our only stipulations refer to our Competition Vocal Team and our Competition Musical Theatre Team, where we require requisite disciplines to ensure the student’s success.

Ultimately, your success is our goal, and it is our joy to get you there. 


Acting Program was developed a member of the SAG, a graduate the Actors Studio, NYC, and a theatre resume to impress the most discriminative theatre King Michaels’ resume boasts multiple Movie credits, television method acting, producing, and Theatre! Michael, a of “the Actors Studio NYC” in gauges Methods to teach our eager young the techniques available to them. you or your child are looking to enhance already existing acting skills or learn new craft, become less afraid on stage freight) or join a local theatre acting class has something everyone. You cannot fail in this class! encourage fun while learning as well a commitment to your acting team! skills learned in this class will help child develop solid stage confidence, confidence while speaking publicly and course performance confidence. are held Thursday through Sundays 4:00 pm. To 9:00 pm.


Vocal Program is run by our award winning studio We are committed to Vocal performance and technique are our top priority. coaches work weekly with you/ child to develop proper singing breathing and diction….. with knowledge on mic technique, presence and performance Our competition team far surpasses all other Studios in the NY Area. Vocal are encouraged to partake our Acting classes to help eliminate freight, increase their ability focus on stage and bring about more relaxed controlled vocal performance. addition to our competition Vocal we also offer group vocal for ages 3.5 years and up! vocal lessons for our pee wee’s Glee) has been the hit or studio! Our Vocal Coach caters to our non competitive singers well! Everyone is welcome at Performances regardless singing abilities and/or vocal Previous vocal students have on to perform on Broadway in NYC, performed in several popular Tours of Broadway Shows, Cruise Line Entertainment staff, Caribbean Entertainment staff. Vocal Competition record speaks for itself. have been competing Vocally in several York and New Jersey Vocal/all inclusive over the Past ten years I am happy to say we have edged out competition repeatedly! Our teams home with 98% of their awards Platinum Level and Better …. As well as 1st. Place the categories for which they are competing, the Top Scoring Placements in their groupings as well as in their division! We blessed with students and families who the spirit of competition! Our students their family are so supportive of all the and their awards! students’ Parents are a loyal group of families who’s has helped foster the valuable learned from being part of a team!

More Information

If you’d like more information on any of our Programs please feel free to visit us at 183 Jerusalem avenue in Massapequa NY or Call the studio for more information. You are Also welcome to come observe one of our Very intense Vocal, Acting or Musical Theatre Classes! Our director will be happy to provide you with information on classes and our very professional Highly decorated teaching staff.